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BALANCED BODY&MIND REBOOT [30 day challenge]

BALANCED BODY&MIND REBOOT [30 day challenge]

Balanced Body&Mind Reboot is a 30-day challenge that is going to help you stop feeling stressed, get out of your own way and crush your goals in 2021!

  • Do you feel like your stress levels are through the roof?
  • Are you sick of your own excuses and not prioritizing yourself?
  • Ever find yourself buying all the books and courses on mindset, but never implementing them?
  • Are you scared that you’ll never have enough time and energy to achieve what you want in your personal life, health, and business
  • Are you a perfectionist and type A who just. Wants. A break from expecting everything to be perfect and feeling exhausted

Girl, I was living this hustling life for decades, never taking care of my body. Working myself into the ground and feeling MISERABLE until I started setting proper boundaries, prioritized my health, mindset, and created healthy habits for life!

What if you could easily reach your goals without the roadblocks of fear, anxiety and self-doubt?
What if you could finally prioritize your health without diets and crash methods?
What if you could shush that inner mean girl and feel good in your skin every day?
What if you learned how to generate more energy and deal with stress efficiently?
What would be possible for you in 2021 if you finally achieved your goals?

With BBMR - a 30-day health and mindset challenge - you can have this and more! Listen up: Your body and mind need a reboot once in a while. 2020 was a doozy but we’re in charge now and everything is possible if you have a proper jump start and strategy.

Let’s go from burned out to highly energetic
From feeling out of control to freedom
From putting yourself last to being a queen in your queendom
From working yourself to the ground to finding BALANCE
I love seeing purpose-driven women like you thrive in their lives and business, and it starts with a healthy mindset and habits + proper strategy to balance your life without going crazy.BBMR is going to take you there in just 30 days!

  • Getting out of the funk and establishing some healthy habits with ease and some massive accountability!
  • Blow up your energy levels without relying on coffee, energy drinks or sugar (naturally!)
  • DIG DEEP into the poor habits that kept your stuck, dieting and suffering at the gym for years and create NEW, supportive patterns to make you feel a million bucks.
  • Feeling comfortable, calm, and centered. Part with brain fog, reduce anxiety and stress levels, and step into your unlimited potential with confidence.

BBMR is like a Whole30 for your BODY and MIND (without bingeing snap at the end).HOW IT’S GOING TO WORK:

  • You’ll receive 30 days of daily emails with a simple, actionable task to complete under 15 minutes (that’s less than 1% of your day!)
  • I’ll coach you daily in a private Facebook group via Q&As, FB live trainings, and comments
  • You’ll be showered with *tough* love and surrounded by other like-minded women, supporting you in this challenge 
  • You’ll receive a Healthy Lifestyle Manual *exclusive to this challenge* to guide you to the healthiest, most energetic version of you
  • You’ll be able to win some incredible prizes by simply showing up (see more below)

Now let’s talk about biz-ness.

PRIZES (examples from the last round):

1. 1:1 90-minute intensive with Anya + weeks of unlimited support ( $497 value)
2. 1:1 45-minute intensive with Anya + weeks of unlimited support($297 value)
3. Win your BBMR enrollment fee back 
4. BONUS: a spot for BBMR for the next round for you or your friend.

How amazing is that?! Join now and let’s take your life to the next level!

7 Modules


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My Fitness Fun Planner

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